Lock-n-go cannot be switched off

Hi, my Nuki lock 3.0 ran fine for weeks, my wife and myself using a phone for Auto Unlock (and keypad and fob).

A week ago lock-n-go came up unwanted at the phone of my wife. Now when the door opened and stays open for a while, the lock bar comes out and prevents the door from closing. You always have to manually unlock it before.

I found no way to disable this “feature”, I can only change the time to lock. Support cannot help either.

On my phone there is no sign of lock-n-go and everything runs just fine.

Thanks for some help…

What do you mean by that?

If it is that auto-unlock performs “lock-n-go” instead of unlatch/unlock, make sure that the “Lock after Auto Unlock” feature is not turned on in the Auto Unlock settings of your wife’s phone.