Lock-action Topics are not published

I have activated the “Allow locking” option in the mqtt settings on my Nuki 4 Pro. But the corresponding topics are not published. What am I doing wrong?

The Smart Lock does not publish this topics, it subscribes to them. You have to publish something into them if you want to trigger a lock action.

Sorry Í think there is a misunderstanding. The topics do not exist

Topics in MQTT are created by publishing to them. The Smart Lock just subscribes to the lock action topics and you have to create them (by publishing into e.g. the nuki/YOURNUKIID/lockAction topic).

Ok I published the topic. But it seems the smartlock does not subscribes on it because there is no action.

It’s case sensitive.

You might also try sending the text “true” to “nuki/YOURNUKIID/lock”

I could not say why but since today it works. Maybe the smartlock needs some time to subscribes new topics.