Location containment - support via external app


Since install of Nuki lock a month ago I have always found the unlock undependable (opening too late or not at all).
Looking at the logging’s I noticed Nuki was not seeing my actual location which I know the GPS on my phone is not always dependable on finding a location (fast) so I set about trying to find a solution/containment.

I found that if I use a external GPS app to help with location monitoring this gives Nuki (and my phone) the extra help it seems to need in finding the location
As we can see below I do not have GPS satellite lock but using this app in Fused mode enables my phone to maintain a location (+/-10mtrs)

The app is called as below (I see it does include popup ad’s, although I never seen any popup)

app 3

Using the app in fused mode, I now get every time i am close to home a notification from Nuki app "you are approaching your door… which makes sense as my phone and Nuki app are now receiving the latest location.
Door sometimes still does not trigger the opening (5secs+/-) but I think this is more Bluetooth related than GPS location.

Hope this helps, and would also be helpful for development to get feedback if this works for you