Local WiFi only


We have installed the nuki together with it’s bridge.
A part of our house is used as office. The distance to the nuki is too far to use it via bluetooth, hence the bridge.

As a consequence I had to invite the coworkers in the nuki app. That also means they are able to open the door from their home. I don’t want that. I only want them to be able to open the door if they are connected to the WiFi network of the office. Is this somehow possible?

I was thinking about setting up a raspberry pi, attached to the WiFi, host a page which is is only accessible from the local network. The rpi can then use the nuki’s api to open the door. So I don’t have to invite the coworkers in the nuki app, so they can’t open the door from their homes and they can use the locally hosted page to open the door when they are in the office. Before I go that way I want to ask if there is maybe an easier solution? It would nice to have a feature like this: to use the bridge only as a local wifi connector to the nuki or to use the bridge to connect to the outside world as it is now.