Local MQTT and intelligent lock/unlock

Hello everyone, I have a SL4pro and just enabled MQTT.

As far as I understand, losing cloud connection should not disable local MQTT, as reported here: SL3 Pro: do not disconnect Wifi when Nuki Cloud is unreachable, breaking local MQTT and other protocols - #19 by mwildbolz
Is this valid for SL4pro, too?

But how can I actively decide to disconnect from the cloud while leaving the local connection active?
I’d like to disable cloud control but keep MQTT which is very convenient.

I read the 1.4 spec and I can see there are actions for lock/unlock but no “intelligent” action (unlocks if locked, locks if unlocked). Is this planned?
A workaround could be to subscribe to the MQTT state topic and decide whether to lock/unlock based on that…

Thank you!