Local API on SL3 (Pro)

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Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 (Pro)


The new Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 (Pro) features onboard WiFi. As of yet there is no functionality to control the lock locally using this onboard WiFi.


Add at least an features from the bridge API to the Smart Lock 3.0 preferably with other long requested features like managing users and key codes and receiving this info when an event notification is send over the local API.


Because bridges and hubs suck. And cloud only devices suck even more.

1up for this. Doesn’t need to be necessarily the http API, mqtt would be my wish for a local API to integrate in smart home systems like home assistant


+1. Sounds very sensible to have an API if the lock already has wifi


THat seems to be a doubling from here: Use Opener without bridge on new Nuki Lock 3.0 Pro

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It’s not. That is specifically about controlling the opener through the SL3.0 without the bridge. This request is about the full blown bridge API (which can also control the opener but much more).

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Just created an account, only to vote for this. Cloud only is rubbish.


Well, I voted also for this Feature.

As I saw the Build in WiFi Feature of the Pro, i really assumed that there is also a API. But after I received it, I realized that I need a Bridge to use the API. :frowning_face:

I would also love see the API on the Internal WiFi. :hugs: This was one of main reasons why I bought my first Nuki.My WiFi coverage is 100% on the places where i want to use the Nuki. I’m planning to buy more, but don’t want to have 2 or more Bridges to use the API.


Same here.

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Same here ! the nice thing of nuki is the local api, upvote to add that to SL3 Pro !

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Same here, too!

Full Ack here, it could be a slimmed down api as well - just status, battery status + lock/unlock… not even http but just simple tcp/telnet if that reduces power consumption

But some way to be able to include it into a smat home with home assistant or something similar…


We would like to start a discussion with you about the specification of a potential MQTT API that could make it as local API into Smart Lock 3.0 Pro. If you have knowledge in that area and would like to participate, please send a request to join this user group: Mqtt (closed group) - Nuki Developers

Only members of this group will have access to the discussion.


This is a mandatory functionality. Without it, we will have too many apps to control all our devices from different manufacturers. Tools like Homeassistant helps to put everything in one place. Should be the same for SL Pro 3.0.


That is exactly what I wanted to post here. What is the purpose to have WiFi on board and call it PRO, when you tight users to relay only on cloud. It is maybe Deluxe, but not PRO.
For me, I would like to make an automation, when the lock is unlocking, it unlocks the grill in front of the door. But with cloud, I get response 10 second fastest and I have to POLL those info.

MQTT or Callbacks (with https) would be obviously appreciated.


Exactly what I need to integrate SL 3.0 PRO into my Home Assistant setup. I wonder what is use to have Wifi on the SL 3.0 PRO if we cannot connect to the SL API through it.


Like many companies Nuki seems to be going down the cloud route more and more leaving home automation enthusiast which prefer local communication behind.

The WiFi on the SL3 can be used to communicate with the cloud API without having to use the bridge. It beats me why they haven’t been able to add some form of local API to the SL3. The only real reason I can come up with is no priority.

I got the offer to upgrade my SL2 to SL3 but I really see no benefit as long as I can’t get rid of the bridge.


I am also looking for API. I just bought a Nuki 3 pro.i didnt think it will not haven an API. Need basic APIs. Commands to lock/unlock, read status.

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If you don’t mind depending on cloud you can use the cloud API. Else you will have to buy a separate bridge to be able to use the local bridge API for as long as this feature request is ignored by Nuki.

101% this. I specifically went with the SL3 Pro so that I don’t need another bridge taking up space and now after setting it up I found out that local control from Homeassistant is not even an option currently. That’s really bad.
I hope we’ll see some movement about this as this seems to have been an issue for a long time already now.


Appearantly the number of potential users (% of Nuki customer base) and the complexity of the development requirements play a major role in the decision process .

It’s a typical pattern where the requirements of first time adopters (which are home automation enthousiast with specific needs) are forgotten once the product has gained marketshare I’m afraid.