Lithium-ion battery for Nuki Opener

Product name

Nuki Opener


A Nuki Opener with built-in lithium-ion battery.


A Nuki Opener powered by a lithium-ion battery instead of four AAA batteries. The Nuki Opener currently has a Micro USB port and can alternatively be powered via the Micro USB port. I would like to see a new version of the Nuki Opener that uses a built-in lithium-ion battery instead of four AAA batteries and could be recharged via the Micro USB port.


This would eliminate the need for having batteries and for users to open the Nuki Opener to replace batteries, and hopefully simplify the internal design slightly.


This would allow the Nuki Opener to be recharged with a phone charger or even a power bank.

You mean the Nuki Lock, and not the opener.

No, I mean the Nuki Opener.

+1. Could you potentially add rechargeable batteries in the opener and recharge them with the micro usb?