List of 2 Wire Compatible Intercoms for Opener

After long research I have come to conclude that Nuki is not compatible with 2 wires digital intercoms.
All Bticino, Tegui and Fermax 2 wires are not in the list of compatibility.

Does anyone know if Nuki is planning to update something to make it compatible? I understand that most new buildings will use 2 wires digital intercoms and will be good to know if Nuki has intention to adapt the opener.

Any help is appreciated.


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I do not know. But it would be interesting to improve it or make a video intercom with door opener function

Correction, we managed to connect it to a 2 wires intercom. But it was pretty much hours of trial and error dealing with the buzzer board. :slight_smile:

Follow the thread here:

Hi Santiago, how did you manage to do this?
I was struggling with a Golmar 2 wire system.
I would appreciate your input and help.

Hey @Koala
We did, I hired an electrician to do it. And with the help of an electrical tester, he managed to identify the component that opens the door, basically the opener in the board.
See the thread below

Hi Santi,
quick question. What did you electrician do exactly?
Hiw does the wiring now look in your system?
Thanks and regards,

Hi, I wasnt there so I am not sure. I think they checked the wires example from Nuki and then did some experiments.
Now we have another issue which is the buzzer is not ringing.

Hope it helps

Hey @santi !

Did you manage to solve the issue?
I have it installed today in the building and wondering if the open and buzz functions can be configured :slight_smile:


Hi guys, I am still struggeling with installing it on Golmar T-5270
Any help would greatly be appreciated