Limit keyturn during calibration of door opening sensor

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Nuki 2.0


limit keyturn during calibration of door opening sensor; don’t turn 720 degree if 360 degree is set in Nuki


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I have set Nuki to turn only 360 degree as my door engages some hooks during 720 degree turn which have a lot of mechanical resistance. I can hear the Nuki motor works very strong when turning the last 360 degree, therefore I would like to avoid that stress.
Unfortunatelly, during calibration of door opening sensor, it still turns 720 degree. I would suggest to avoid that if the user has limited to 360 degree in software, unless you are really sure that Nuki measures the torque to avoid damage to the Nuki

To be very honest I strongly disagree with you about that feature.

The calibration is a mechanism for the Smart Lock to dtermine the maximum ranges of the lock to turn to lock, unlock and open the door. So in other words: It is the one and only way for the lock (and the underlying software) to define the movement boundaries.
If you limit this calibration by any settings (for whatever) reason, the lock and/or the software will no longer be able to fully determine these boundaries.

Furthermore, I personally think that most people use the callibration mechanism like once every 6 months (at max) so it should not be too much of an issue regarding battery life if this turns the extra degrees to check for the maximum boundaries.

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I didn’t ask to limit the calibration mechanism of the door lock - this anyway happens only when the door is open so the mechanical stress should be little.
I am asking not to turn 720 degree for calibration of the door sensor, when the user has set to turn only 360 degree. During door sensor calibration, the look turns in closed door position, which generates stress in my case when going to 720 degree.

But again: How often do you trigger the door sensor calibration?
You won’t do it like 4 times a day, right? So I doubt it makes much of a difference for your motor/battery life at all.

I have never said that this is a battery matter.

My concern is: is the clutch protected against too much force - then no issue
But I hear that the motor has to work hard, so the clutch is not releasing.

4 times a day or one time a year is not the point. If the clutch gets damaged, then it can happen during one time. If people limit the turn to 360 degree - why does it get disregarded?
For me it would be logical to implement, but anyone is free to find it reasonable or not.


Could it be possible that the topic could be extended to the openening/unlocking settings?
Some doors dont need to have the motor turning the whole 100%. it could stop x degrees before reaching the end.


  1. motor is less stressed
  2. less battery use
  3. faster.

what do you think?

(PS: and of course: the same for locking the door: some doors don’t need the full 2x turn, while other would maybe need 2.x turns of the lock)

You can already reduce the turning leeway in the Smart Lock Administration > Optimize Locking

thank Jürgen
How to optimise opening, not locking?

You can optimize unlocking (Aufsperren) through the same feature. You ca not optimize unlatching (Tür öffnen), because for this feature the Smart Lock does not stop at a certain position, but after a certain force is reached.

Which exactly the issue.

Users can already be self responisble to have 1x or 2x turn for locking.

Why shouldn’t the user be able to set the unlatching according to its own door?

  1. it would reduce torque on the system
  2. therefor reduce the battery drainage
  3. and optimise as well the time for opening.

Who can implement the imho few additional lines of code into the ios and android app?

since Nuki allows to optimise “locking” patterns (1x 2x, and other ° turns) why not as well allowing to have users to optimise the unlashing? Unless Nuki wants to patronise its customers…


As explained above, unlatching works - from a technical perspective - different than unlocking/locking and can not be optimized the same way. I won‘t go deeper into technical details at this point though and you can of course vote for the feature request if you feel a need for it.

thanks @Juergen

despite working differently, the unlatching is an uncomplete feature, which can have consequences.
And we have seen that Nuki didnt give us the possibility to optimise it the same way, which is sad.