Let external system (Homey and other) switching 360°/720º lock

Product name

Smart lock (any version)


Let external systems (on my side it would be Homey) activating-deactivating the 720º locking option.


Let external systems (homey on my side, but would be any other domotic box, and web API) to activate or deactivate the option to lock with 2 tours (720º lock). When not activated it will lock with one tour (360°).
If the option is activated when the lock is already locked, the smart lock will have to run the motor to add the missing tour (from 360° to 720°).


Locking with 2 tours is time cunsiming and battery consuming.
My home system is able to know who is at house exactly, so it knows when there is somebody or not. It would be able to tell my smart lock to lock with two tours only when there is nobody at house, or when it’s night. But currently this feature is not controlable by external systems, and the Nuki app could not be used for that because it can only detect the presence of people having a smartphone (which is not the case of children)
This would make closing the door faster when we are at home, and would stay secure when needed, while saving the battery.


The case is explained above: by domotic system (Homey) would be able to smartly activate the double tour.