KOCOM intercom support

Hi all!

I’m thinking of using nuki system to automate my 3 main doors (2 main for which I intend to use nuki smartlock and a garden gate with an intercom). To have a complete keyless system I need to make sure that my garden’s gate intercom is compatible with nuki opener.

My intercom is Kocom KIV-D212 (https://www.centralvacuumstores.com/meta/pdfs/info/Kocom+KIV-D212+Operating+and+Install+Manual.pdf) which has 4 wires (+/-/Video/Audio) paired with KC-MC30 (http://homtech.com.sg/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/kocom-intercom-KC-MC30.pdf).

I assume that I can tap into the door opener circuit but is it possible to have ring detection/suppression with nuki opener with my system? Is there anything that I can check as I got a bit confused with the BUS system…

Thank you!!

Hi again!

I decided to give it a try and got an opener to try (as I already have nuki smartlock and would love a complete keyless enty!)… I’ve tried both generic digital profile and analogue with no luck.

In generic digital setup, in the first question it registers when I press the intercom button to open door but I can not move past ring detection.
In generic analogue setup, open door works fine but ring to open does not work at all.

My intercom works in a simple way. There seems to be a constant voltage (approx 4.35v) across ground and voice cables coming in from outside which monentarily drops to 0 when I ring the outside button. If I shotcut these two wires, the intercom rings.
I’ve tried various combinations with the green (ring detect) and yellow but without any detection…

So far I understand that I need an analogue setup but I’m not sure how the opener works and what cables I need to connect in order to detect voltage drop (ring detection) and disconnect voice (outside to intercom) for ring suppression.

Can you please help me ???

Thank you!!

Hi again!

I’m struggling for the past few days with this one, tried every combination possible, almost read all topics relating to opener but I seem to be getting nowhere… I’m at the point that I know the connection colours without looking at the instructions (and getting fit by running at the front door to press the button)…

@Georg_S or anyone else from the support team can you please help or at least let me know if this is incompatible and should be returning the opener?

At least please let me know the logic behind detecting ring so I can try to figure this out…

Thank you!!!

Just sent you a PM

@Georg_S Hi Georg

I have exactly the same problem. I have a Kovom KCV 504 - only 4 wires come from the intercom VCC, ground, audio and video.
Which cable should I connect to which ?

Thanks for your help

According to the manual, there seems to be no connection for the door opener. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how to connect this one.