Koch TCH30 with openerr

Dear all
In my flat is a Koch tch30 installation could anyone integrate this?

what is wrong?

start position

and the intercom is working fine

after installations with the app
red yellow conncted with the white from a
orange and green connect to a
black connected with blue b

after that the intercom is black and doesnt work

has anyone an idea?

thanks for helping

Kind Regards

Dear Vodo1,

In general this should work. I will check here with the team and will come back to you.

best regards

Dear Vodo1,

can you share please the pictures after installation according app flow.
What do you mean with “intercom is black”. I guess you mean the LED right?

Hi Marcel

Yes the intercom is status off!

Hi Vodo1,

thanks for sharing the pictures. It would help to send us also a picture after modification. (inside view). I assume you followed the steps from the App flow.

Let´s try this:

1.Please go back to the inital (original setup, first picture you send). Is the Intercom working now again as before? If yes follow with 2

  1. Now connect only red and black wire. (these are the bus lines).
    Red–> a (keep connected white)
    Black → b (keep connected blue)

  2. Restart the configuration flow to the end

  3. Check function. Intercom ok? Opener working? If not you can try again with exchanged Red and Black cable on a and b

best regards


hei marcel
this is working!


and if there furter steps to complete use the opener?

Hi Vodo1,

great to heart that the intercom is back in operation. I assume you went through the configuration flow of the opener with the modified connection (just the bus lines connected).

If so you are set and the opener should operate. The ring tone suppression is missed out with this approach. OK.
best regards