Koch K33UP - Any experience?

Hi everyone

Does anyone have some experience with really old analog intercoms like the K33UP from Koch?

There are 8 slots (3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) as well as 2 additional cables.

If someone has some experience with that or any similar to getting Nuki Opener to work, i would really appreciate it.



I personally don’t have any Nuki system yet, but I was wondering if you got the K33up working with the opener?
Especially the ring to open function.

Thanks for your help
All the best

Hi all
Any update on this ?
I found this information “Jedoch nur Befehl auf einfache Türöffnung. Violettes Nuki-Kabel auf Klemme 9, dunkelblaues Nuki-Kabel auf Klemme 5”
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