Koch K3 (K932UP) Ring to open/Ring Suppression wiring

After a lot of trial and error I managed to wire the opener to open the door.
However ring suppression or ring to open doesn’t work

Does anyone have experience with this model? or can help with the wiring?

So far it looks like this:
6 - RED
7 - empty
8 - empty
9 - BLUE
10 - GREEN

the YELLOW is connected to which I assume is RNG (it was on 10) before.

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Hi there!

I do have the same old K3 in my apartment, and I was able to hook up the door opener function as you did. But it is not possible to hook up both the ring function and opener function together. Since the Nuki opener uses the same GND (purple) for the door & ring function and our K3 has two circuits - one for the ring and one for the opening function - it will not work. However, I managed to do it with an additional OONO-Relais device, which separates the GND for the Ring and the Door. It somehow worked, but still everything is very buggy. See here:

Oh wow!
Thank you for the reply. I did some more digging and found this thread.

Now I’m waiting if the Mono Amplifier solution works. Otherwise I’ll try yours.

and what do you mean by very buggy?

this is my solution. Ring Suppression is not in place… but it should work in my opinion

Does it work like that?
And where do you put the blue wire exactly?
Can you post a picture of your installation if possible?