Keyturner States - Message Size

According to the latest available Docs (V2.0.0, 12.11.2018) the Keyturner States Command 0x000C has 19 bytes payload.
However I’m always receiving 20 from my Nuki. Based on the values it looks like an extra byte was added after the Door Sensor State. CRC is correct, all other messages I tried so far match the docs.

Is there an updated Doc file that I have not found yet, or was this a recent firmware change that was not documented yet?

Hi @mklhs I think the message size of the keyturner state is 20 cuase if you look at the documentation the field “Timezone offset” is a sint16 that means as far I understand 3 bytes cause is a signed int so one byte is reserved for sign indication, hope this clear your doubt.


@Jaime_Labra Thanks for the reply. A signed int 16 is only two bytes however. Sign is represented by the first bit, thats why the absolute range is effectively doubled when using unsigned data types :slight_smile:

Would be nice to get an official comment on this one.

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