Keyturner States - Lock state 0xFD Boot run


I’m trying to communicate with a NUKI 2.0 using the BLE API. And at this point I’m able to send all the needed commands to the NUKI.

After pairing I’m sending a calibration request, and noticed that during the calibration I get a Keyturner States message with the 0xFD (boot run) on the lock state member. The 0xFC (calibration) never arrives. Also, the NUKI doesn’t inform the calibration stage that it is doing ( unlocking/locking)…

What is the real meaning of the boot run value? it always arrive, even if I register the same NUKI with the NUKI app (and do all the steps). Shouldn’t the 0xFC (calibration) arrives instead?

Best regards,

João Cabral

Hi João,

This has already been fixed within the current beta version.
Calibration now sends 0xFC.

The calibration process is used to determine in which direction to lock and unlock.
So during the calibration the smart lock does not yet know if it is currently locking or unlocking.
Therefore those states are not sent out.

0xFD is used when your’e powering up your smart lock (insert new batteries) and the position detection is active.