Keypad's key sensetivity

Hello to the community,
Has anyone except myself the same issue with the keypad, that its keys are reacting very sensitive on keypresses. In 8 out of 10 times when I or one of my family memebers enter theire codes it happens that by pressing one number keypad it shows my in the indication LED that this number was pressed (counted) twice. Of corse if I recognise it than i can delete the double entry to a singel (correct one), but that is more than nasty. Actually it starts me to avoid the use of keypad. The behaviour is not limited to one single number but shows the same on all.
Any response is highly appriciated

Hi Heinz,

We currently have a Keypad firmware in beta that addresses this issue.
So if you send me you Keypads ID via DM, I’ll unlock the beta for you and you can try it out.


Same issue here, also many times I have to enter my code twice/three times for the lock to unlock. The lights flash twice indicating lock not found whilst on the second or third try it does unlock.

Same issue here.
I thought I am the only one.

Would it be possible to get the beta firmware to try it out?

Hi Mark,
sorry for my late reply but vacationing brought me away from this topic. First of all thx for your respond followed by 2 questions.

  1. Where to find the Keypads ID
  2. what is DM


The Keypad ID is shown in the app within the keypad settings.
DM = direct message … Don’t post your ID here, send it to me directly.


It looks good with ne new firmware so far. Keys aren’t too sensitive anymore.

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Tried it now over the period of more than 6 weeks and it’s a big improvement to the situation before. In other words Keypad is behaving now as I expected

Same issue here. When can I expect an updated firmware (Non-beta)?


@macatnk The fixes mentioned above are already live in the FW version 1.4.1, see

Thank you for the hint Stephan. I’m testing it now. It looks very promising. :slight_smile:

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