Keypad Turned off after Firmware Upgrade

We need urgent help! I tried to make a firmware upgrade of keypad that controls the main door of a complex of apartments. The Installation went 100%, then keypad turned off entirely and now it doesn’t turn on at all!

I’ve tried to remove the batteries, left it approx 20-30min without batteries, Tried with different batteries, but it doesn’t want to turn on.

Is there any number combination which resets/reboots does smth to the keypad as it has created us a very big headache two days before New Year with guests arriving in few hours?

I’ve tried to open a support request, but the support is non-existent, they responded saying to reboot the smartlock!.. I don’t have any issues with the smartlock, just the keypad

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers

So no more LEDs lighting up and can’t connect to the Smart Lock?
As you already tried to restart and change batteries this doesn’t look too good to be honest.
Only combination is the back button press to get into maintenance mode (for management/ get update you did this).
Any chance of a spare keypad you could use to try or is this the only one you got?

Hi @MatthiasK appreciate your quick reply, really! I’ve tried the back button but no lights whatsoever! I don’t understand how in the heck the keypad got like this during a normal firmware upgrade process. I’m now not sure, If i have to update all other smartlocks/keypads that I have or everything will go into “goodbye mode”. Unfortunately I don’t have a spare one, only solution is to remove one from another apartment (which means that I will create issues there as well), or if you guys are able to send one asap and I can send you back the broken one?

I heard of no other issues with the fw update on the keypad, so do not assume a general problem.

For sure the keypad can be replaced, but our support can only start the process tomorrow, so it will take some time till it will be with you.

Ok Stephan! Thanks again for your quick reply! I’ve sent already a message to support! hopefully they will be able to answer soon!

O.k., they will for sure take care of you. Thanks for your patience.

EDIT: Do you manually set codes for guests or via API/integration? In any case the replacement should be no issue regarding guest management, as the codes are stored on the Smart Lock so if you pair a new Keypad it will immediately work with the existing codes.

Cool, thanks for this! All smartlocks have been integrated with Airbnb, so guests receive codes automatically! Yes, at least I will not need to send new codes, but using another keypad from another apartment, will leave that apartment without its keypad so will need to manually deal with that, but it is what it is! Its my fault as well, as I had to have thought about this and have spear hardware :). Anyways, thanks again for everything and your quick replies