Keypad entering wrong codes (brute force attempt) warning notification

Product name

NUKI Keypad


there is an 3 year old request with almost the came content, I would like to "reopen"the request and extend it with MQTT integration

I’m using Nuki 3 Pro and Android App when wrong codes are entered via keypad:

  • I can see in the log entries about wrong code entered - if you don’t check logs regularly, you don’t know about it…
  • but there is no warning notification and no MQTT (v1.4) message is sent out


my recommendation:

  • send out notification after 10 consequential wrong attempts including MQTT message
  • allow to temporarily disable the keypad remotely without unpairing it


extended security against brute force


get warning notification while on holiday about brute force attempts and ability to counter-fight

I would extend this to include email and/or push notifications.