Keypad critical battery notification

When the Keypad battery is below 20% (critical), besides an app notification, does an e-mail notification is also sent, as it happens when the Lock’s battery is low?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @MarcoFelicio,

you will receive e-mail notifications as well if you enable the option “Battery alerts via email” in the “Manage device” section of your activated Nuki Web account for the paired Smart Lock.

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Similar question.

I’ve replaced the batteries in my keypad with a new battery set but still get an error. I bought Duracell batteries so I believe it’s not an issue with them.

Any ideas?

Hi @nixa

just to make sure: Are you talking about a Keypad or Keypad 2 (with fingerprint)?
Did you perform a lock action after replacing the batteries?

Overall, please follow-up with our support team ( if
you still experience issues for the battery reporting as this is a developer related forum.

Have a great week