Keypad Code Authorization ID changing


We’ve been facing an issue where some API calls tied to some of our project’s functionalities are throwing 404 errors because the respective authorization no longer exists.
We’ve checked our logs and it seems the authorization ID wasn’t changed in our database from the moment it was created.
Are there any circumstances under which a given authorization can have it’s ID changed?
I am sure this isn’t a new ID as the GET call for this authorization reports the correct creationDate.

Thank you

+1 for this old issue.

Any information on this?

I was also in contact with the support a few months ago regarding this issue. The Nuki developers’ got quite some logging information from my devices and are looking into it, they said.

The issue still exists. The pin codes seem to get into an out-of-sync state at some unknown point.
Web API and the browser tells me they don’t exist. But they show up in the Nuki App.
Creating the same code via the Web API triggers a duplicate pin code error.

Thank you

Set up: SmartLock 1, Keypad, Bridge.