Keypad 2 not setting "has keypad" flag in config of Nuki Lock

Some users are starting to use the keypad 2.

We check if the flag “Has keypad” in “Config (0x0015)” is set. This flag is set for the regular keypad but not for the keypad version 2…?

Has this changed or is this implemented in a different way for keypad 2?



Same happening to me

Wondering about this too… some official response on this would really be appreciated.

@marc do you have any insights on this?


The config has been extended by an additional byte indicating whether or not a Keypad 2 is paired.
API documentation had not yet been updated accordingly.

Hi Marc,

Thx for the reply, I assume the byte has been added to the end of Config (0x0015)?
If you let me know we can already update our library.

And the Keyturner States (0x000C) contains the “Accessory Battery State”:

Will keypad 2 report its battery state the same as keypad 1 did, zo also in the same bits?


Unfortunately there are two other not yet documented flags as well.
So at the end of the Config (0x0015) there are 3 new bytes and the 3rd new byte is the has_keypad2 flag.
For the other bytes please wait for the official documentation change.

For the Keyturner States (0x000C) there are no changes necessary.