Keypad 2 Befestigung Grundplatte / Mounting of Keypad 2 on base plate

Product name

Keypad 2


Modifikation die das unbeabsichtigte Lösen des Keypads von der Grundplatte verhindert. Nur minimale Aenderung im Produktionsprozess nötig.

This is a modification that prevents the unintentional removal of the keypad from the base plate (e.g. kids) by exerting upwards pressure when putting the finger on the reader.


[Detailed description of desired features.]
Hier ist die DIY Lösung ausführlich beschrieben:
Here you find a detailed description of the Mod (as DIY solution):

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Make your customers happy :slight_smile:


Verhindert dass Kinder die unkoordiniert am Keypad drücken, das Gerät von der Grundplatte schieben, es herunter fällt und kaputt geht.

This would prevent the unintentional unlocking of the keypad from the base plate. At the moment this can easily happen by putting even the slightest upwards pressure while using the keypad.

Verhindert, dass das Keypad ganz leicht von der Grundplatte gezogen werden kann (minimale Diebstahlsicherung).

It would also prevent the casual removal of the keypad - it would make a theft slightly more difficult.

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So here a short summary of the proposed mod:

So basically I used a small file and cut down the edges of the keypad just below where the base plate ends once the keypad is mounted.

After that I made a small metal piece (3x3x30 - and wood or plastic will of course work as well) that fit into that space.

Then I mounted the keypad and inserted the metal piece from the side.

Done - Here a few pictures:

And that is what it does once mounted:

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Nice idea!

They also sell this kind of anti theft mount for the keypad 1.0 and 2.0 on Etsy:

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