Keypad 2.0: Notification when a user enters the pin or uses fingerprint?

i just installed the keypad 2.0.

i am confused so far in terms of notifications: i can see from the protocol, that my family use their pins or fingerprints to enter the door. however, i do not get a notification on my smartphone. only when they use their smartphone.

where are the settings to activate notifications when someone uses the keypad 2.0?

Like this? That’s the message I get when I unlock using fingerprint

yes, i meant this.

my mistake / learning: once i connect the keypad 2.0 with the nuki smart lock 3.0 via app, i have to wait or go to nuki web, refresh the devices and afterwards i see the new devices in the app.

i hope this will help others who are confused when they do not see the keypad immediately after they connect it via the app.