Keypad 2.0 - Allow fingerprint only (without entry code)

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Keypad 2.0


To avoid additional security risk (as we don’t intend using the entry code function, and also our door is overlooked by another property meaning the code could be observed when entered), allow the Keypad to be configured for fingerprint reading ONLY.


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  1. We don’t have any plans to use the entry code feature, and we have backup alternatives should fingerprint recognition fail (including Apple Watch, iPhone, and physical key). Having it enabled as mandatory introduces a security risk as someone could (however unlikely) try to guess the code.
  2. We live in a block of flats with another flat directly opposite, which means they can easily observer our entry code being entered. This introduces a security risk.


  1. For each fingerprint/entry code combination, add a toggle that disables the entry code part.
  2. Better, allow only the fingerprint to be stored, disabling the ‘keypad’ portion altogether.
  3. Best, release a new hardware component that is fingerprint only (without keypad). If it also had NFC (for Apple Homekey) that would be even better!

I sign, I also consider the need to add a code to the finger to be unnecessary… A possible new device, but also the old one after the FW update, could show that the latch is held, so that I don’t have to try to break the door to see if the lock has already opened or not, see. discussion here Visual "Locked" Indicator for 3.0Pro


Thats exactly what i asked the support after initial setup. I also would like fingerprints without codes…

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Definitely needed, please @Stephan take that into account.