Key cut modification

Dear Nuki customers/developers,

I really want to thanks Nuki for this wonderful product. I would like to buy a second one for my new house but I just noticed that my new keys’ head is exaggeratedly big and it probably won’t fit on nuki (it protrudes 44-45mm from the key hole, see image).

I wonder if I can cut part of the key’s head (about 5-7mm) in order to make it smaller. I mean, I know I can physically do it :slight_smile: but I wonder if this could compromise in some way the rotation axis, center of gravity or something like that and it could break the lock in the long term.

Sorry for my ‘not very technical phrases’, I tried to explain as best as I can :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your time.

Best regards and happy nuking.

I don’t see a reason why cutting should not work. It’s more or less the same as making a copy of your key with a smaller form factor.


Did it work ? Cause i have the same key.

Thank you

I had the same issue with an ABUS key. I just asked for a copy and asked for it to be cut. The key-cutting store simply used a hand saw to cut off a piece of the length that I had asked them to cut.

As you can see from the picture, the key has been cut and the plastic part removed. It works perfectly as the Smark Lock is still able to grab it and turn it.

I had the same problem with a Keso lock, cutting the key worked perfectly.

But I used a better solution and went to have a knob mounted on the lock and ordered the Keso knob adapter.

I assure you it works better with the knob system, it is more accurate and has no play.

It was very inexpensive to put a knob on.

But I think it can only be done on good quality locks.

And so there is no key stuck inside the housing.

In the picture you can see a headless screw, this knob does not need it, but I made a thread and put it in.

Then I removed it, it turned out that it works better with the free knob adapter without clamping as there is a spring that presses it to the lock and that set adapts the turns.