Just some thoughts

Just some thoughts on Nuki 3.0 Smart Lock!
First of all, i really like the Nuki device but i have some thoughts to share.

I really want to use a longer digit pin to login to the admin Panel is that possible?
Also why a invited user has access to the admin interface anyway?
Also defaulting to save the pin inside the app is also a bad idea!
Why can’t i restrict the features of an invited user, beside of remote unlocking? (If auto unlock is enabled and the phone gets stolen or cloned, the door just opens in range, also mocking the GPS data to open a door is possible)
Is it possible to narrow down the geofence, for the auto unlock feature?

  • I would really like to kick out a user who tried to brute force the pin (is this possible?)
  • I really would like to strip down invited user features a little bit more (like disable autounlock), i think this must be easy to build in
  • I really would suggest you let your device be certified by the TÜV Austria, the Cert you have from AV Test is from 2021 and a lot has changed since then, i think you could increase your sells if you do

You can make it more secure buy just using the lock with homekit that is what I noticed it makes sense apple is all about security. Plus I am just confused about security as you are because z-wave devices are basically the most secure, thread is just monster made of bluetooth wifi and zigbee.
Z-wave is something different completely

But the nuki app should announce when someone is arriving for example my mother I gave her full access, autounlock and everything and she would never come without telling me first but I have to do something that makes her use the doorbell.

The worst kind of are the ones that know the keypad and know that I shouldn’t be disturbed because Im probably sleeping, and I hear a doorbell every time, for some reason people find the keypad too confusing to use, I seriously can’t comprehend how someone doesn’t know how to use it.

But I live where in Eastern europe where smarthomes and locks are basically something never before seen. And I have been using a smart stuff since the first alexa came out even before that but lets say it was a beginning.