Jung Video Intercom Compatibility/Wiring

Dear community,
First of all, I am happy to have found this forum as the question is tormenting me since yesterday.
The idea was to provide to the cleaning lady keyless access to the appartement. So I bought a Yuki Opener after having already installed all other products (Smart Lock/Bridge/Fob…).
I realized after stating installation of the Opener that the product is not tested with my intercom (Jung Video, see pictures). I stopped the installation and started looking for alternative solutions.
Can someone help me identify the right model and installation steps ? I am also clueless how connecting wires should work as my intercom has bus connectors for all wires.
Thank you for your assistance!

Looks like a Siedle bus based system. Connecting BLACK to ta and RED to tb on the audio module should do the trick for the basic setup. See page 22 here: https://downloads.jung.de/public/de/pdf/bedienungsanleitungen/de_0024086001_six_v02.pdf

When configuring the Opener choose Generic as brand and Bus (Siedle) as model.

Let us know if it worked.

Thanks a lot for the help.
I have tried first as you instructed. But connecting Black to TaM and Red to TbM switches the intercom off (led goes off) and I have no idea why this happens. However, I was able to finalize setup Using Generic/Siedle, by connecting Red to TaM and Black to TbM. The ring signal is detected but the door is not actuated by the app :(.
I wonder if there is another solution. Use an alternative wiring setup (other door?) or remove the resistance between Ta and Tb ?
About the resistance in the user manual : Abschlusswiderstand
Zwischen TaM und TbM ist ein Abschlusswiderstand angeschlossen.
Dieser Abschlusswiderstand wird benötigt, sofern die modulare Innenstation das letzte Gerät in einem Videostrang ist.
Wenn Sie den Bus durch die modulare Innenstation durchschleifen, muss dieser Abschlusswiderstand entfernt werden.

Is the ring signal detected by the App? (When ringing there should be an entry in the activity log of the Opener)

Does Ring to Open also not actuate the strike? (Some systems need activation. i.e. you can only actuate the strike for a few seconds after the ringing).

Hi, yes ringing is detected by the opener in the app (during setup with the Generic Siedle Bus profile) but when pressing open the door in the app, nothing happens, ring to open did not work as well during setup. I have tried other generic bus profiles but no joy, ring signal is not even detected in this case. I bought two Nuki Openers for two appartements in the same building with the same system but none worked for me.

Hello Jürgen,
i have a customer with the same Intercom.
Looks like Jung bought the Moduls and put their own Name, SIAMLS5WW on the other side is a SIEDLE sticker … InHome.

I choosed many Jung Intercoms and tried different configurations (most of them red/yellow to Tam and green/orange to Tbm)
But in the end the App said wrong configuration.

I did not try to configure it as a Siedle Generic.
Do you have any new Infos about the compatibilty of Jung/Siedle?

Vielen Dank

Steven W.

Hi, did you found a complete working solution?
And can you please tell me what u did?

Thank you


I ended up using the generic Generic Siedle Bus profile which I could configure once using an old beta FW and never touched the configuration again even after the latest updates. I found that ring to open (continuous mode) was not very reliable as the the ring signal is detected intermittently and randomly, it may work but sometimes stops working without any reason. I am mostly using the app to open the door which works like a charm. Of course, you will probably need the nuki bridge for that if the opener is not in bt range. Best

Hello everyone, is there a solution for this system now?