Issues with Nuki 2, version 2.3.9


today, I updated my Nuki SL 2.0 to firmware version 2.3.9.

After the update, the look closes the door when selecting open (door) and opens the door when selecting to close the door.

Using the fob and the keypad shows the same false behaviour.

Please be so kind to fix this issue as soon as possible.

I had to dismount the lock completely.

Thank you and kind regards,

Did you recalibrate the Smart Lock after the update?

If not, please do it. Should fix your problem.


yes, I tried recalibrating the look (a few times), but opening resp. closing were mixed up, too.

Really strange…

Kind regards,

Most likely you did not have the door unlocked when you started the calibration. In this case you will end up with swapped states.

Good morning Jürgen,

after recalibrating SL 1.0 and 2.0 several times, I aways open the door when starting recalibration.

Anyway, I’ll reset the lock to factory defaults and start all over again to try it out when I’ll be home again.

Thanks and kind regards,

Before you reset it, please try it again and film it. Send us the movie (or a link to it) to Please also include the current FW version and the one you were coming from as well as a screenshot from the battery report (SL > Settings > Manage Smart Lock > Battery type > Tap 7x on the headline on this screen). Thanks!

Hi Jürgen,

ok, thank you!