Issue with SmartLock Pro 4 and Apple TV (Firmware 4.1.8)

Hello everyone,

I’m encountering an issue with my Nuki SmartLock Pro 4, which is connected to an Apple TV via Matter. The firmware of the lock is currently at version 4.1.8.

The problem arises when I manually unlock the lock. After performing this action, the lock continues to open automatically as if it’s trying to find its position. Interestingly, this problem temporarily disappears after removing and reinserting the lock’s batteries, but it eventually reoccurs after some time.

Upon checking the logs, I noticed that Matter seems to regain control of the lock after I manually trigger the button.

I’m wondering if any other users have experienced this issue and if they were able to resolve it. Is this a known bug in firmware 4.1.8, or is there a specific configuration adjustment I need to make?

Here are some steps I’ve already tried to troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Checking firmware updates: My lock is currently up-to-date with firmware version 4.1.8.
  2. Verifying connection: The connection between the lock and Apple TV via Matter appears to be stable.
  3. Checking lock settings: I’ve reviewed the lock’s settings, but I haven’t found anything that could explain this behavior.

If anyone has any suggestions for resolving this issue or has encountered a similar situation, I would greatly appreciate any advice or assistance you can provide.

Thank you in advance for your help.