Issue with connecting Fermax 3305 Monitor Loft VDS Color intercom to Nuki Opener

Dear Nuki Developers,

I’m having trouble connecting my Fermax 3305 Monitor Loft VDS Color to the Nuki Opener. I followed all the instructions provided, but unfortunately, it’s not working.

I connected the wires to L, -, and + as instructed, but I’m not entirely sure what each of these wires does. I also have a T wire that’s not mentioned anywhere in the manuals I tried. Additionally, when I disconnect the ±wire, the Fermax monitor loses it’s power.

I tried both the one for Fermax 3305 Monitor Loft VDS Color and the Generic Bus (Fermax VDS/ADS).

Additionally, when I connect the L-wire to the clip and connect the red and yellow Nuki Opener cables, I lose all audio connection to the front door. I’ve attached a photo of my current setup for your reference.

I would appreciate any assistance you could provide to help me resolve this issue. Thank you for your time and support.

Best regards,