Issue with "Action Endpoints" and WEB API


I’m trying to lock/unlock the smartlock via Web API without succedd. Previously I installed the Nuki App on my mobile, sync it with the Brigde with the SmartLock device and create an account on and sync with in my account mobile too.

Now I’m triyin to call an endpoint trough POSTMAN and it seems to works fine. But when I call this “Action Enpoints” like{smartlockId}/action/unlock the json response is

“detailMessage”: “Your smartlock isn’t initialized”,
“stackTrace”: [],
“suppressedExceptions”: []

And I don’t know what supposed to do, the API TOKEN is activated, apparently it’s working fine 'cause the first endpoint response with 200 OK but the sencond one reponse with 406 code “Not Acceptable”. Please could anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong or where can I follow the correct step to do this.

Thanks in Advance!

Hi Matias,

I sent you a DM.