Is zigbee still coming Q1/2019?

Q1/2019 is almost over, and there’s no news about this. Is zigbee support still arriving on Q1 or is it being pushed into Q2?


No, Q1 will not be possible, but we hope to have updates on our roadmap soon and will then publish them here.

That’s a bummer :confused:
Having zigbee as a connectivity possibility is what made me pull the trigger on buying a Nuki…

How late is the development of this feature? I mean, since it’s not coming Q1, can we at least expect it, with some degree of certainty, by the end of Q2? Or have things gone so terribly wrong that you can’t even guarantee that?


Never buy technology based on promises.

Only seldom such promises are kept.

Gee mister, thank you for the helpful comment that brings nothing to the table…

I know that. Been buying technology for a long time.

I didn’t buy a Nuki JUST BECAUSE it had zigbee support in the horizon. I was going to buy a smart lock anyway. It came down to two options, and both checked all the boxes of my “needs to do this” list. I ended up going with Nuki because it answered all my need AND had the possibility of having zigbee support in the future.

Sure… but you do fully contradict your previous post.