Is this a silly question - can I use MQTT with a Bridge and 3.0 lock (non Pro)

As per the topic title really, I have 2 Nuki 3.0 locks (with keypads and a single bridge) and I’m really keen to get information in Home Assistant which tells me WHAT (or WHO) locked or unlocked each lock, as I could only seem to get generic “it was locked” / “it was unlocked” information through the general integration.

Assuming I have an MQTT broker on HA already, does anyone have a step-by-step guide including the Bridge, or even a Youtube yet?

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The MQTT API is currently only available for Smart Lock 3.0 Pro.

The Nuki Web API provides similar informations as the /lockActionEvent MQTT topic. Some integrations try to merge informations from the bridge and the web API. I don’t know what exists for HA though.

For Home Assistant, you could have a look to this custom integration:

Thanks, but I can’t seem to get ‘who’ unlocked, from that… unless I’m doing something wrong!

My bad, I thought a sensor could expose that but after reading again it does not look like to be the case.