Is there an API directly on the Nuki 3 Pro?

I want to integrate my Nuki 3 Pro into an application of mine. I am specifically looking for a way to address the lock directly (on its IP). In particular, I do not want to use or MQTT.

Is this possible?

As a workaround I will of course either go for the web version (with its latency) or MQTT (with its asynchronous nature which will complicate a bit my life, provided there is a acknowledgement message send back by the lock)

You can use the bluetooth API - it’s published on the site.

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Thanks but this is BT, there is no IP involved (as I mentioned in my question).

There is no public API besides the APIs mentioned before.

Thanks. In the meantime I have scanned the lock to see if it exposes anything (it does not) so I will settle for the public web API.