Is there a library for Python that supports keypad control?

I want to control my 3 Nuki Locks and one keypad, and be able to set one time codes for the keypad, but the bridge doesn’t seem to support nothing keypad related. I haven’t found yet any (working) Python bluetooth-API library that does what I want either. From what I gathered bridge doesn’t support Keypads in any manner. Or is there a way?

So far I tried:

  • github tobiasfeistmantl/python-nuki-client (authentication doesn’t work)
  • github andebeule/nukiPyBridge (it needs a bridge, also doesn’t support keypads)
  • plugin for nuki (I’m unable to build it, also doesn’t seem to support keypad, also contains a lot more stuff than I need)

Is there someone out there who found a working library in Python? Or perhaps alternatives in other languages that work with current API including keypads?