iOS vs Android: difference or bug?


I have the latest Android and iOS loaded on two phones (Samsung and iPhone). Is it me, or they don’t have the same functionality (and menu)? (SmartLock 2.6.4, iOS 2.5.1; Android

SmartLock ->settings ->Smart Action Center -> Auto Unlock Settings ->
Android has “Enhance Position Precision”
iOS doesn’t have it.

SmartLock ->settings ->Smart Action Center -> Auto Unlock Settings -> Expert Settings ->

Android has " Auto Unlock Speed" -> Normal, short delayed (when Bluetooth signal above threshold), strong delay (when Bluetooth signal above threshold)
iOS has none of those, but hast Geofence Check -> GPS, WiFi or OFF
(Android has no Geofence Check menu)

Thanks for your feedbacks / hope it helps

This is due to different rights/scopes for background processing of tasks between Android and iOS.

This is only working for Android currently, as iOS handles background BLE-scanning differently.

And - to no big surprise - it is again because geofences are handled differently in iOS and Android.

So, to sum it up: We try to keep our Android and iOS App on the same functionality and user interface, but in some cases things are too different in the operating systems to keep it 100% consistent.

Big thanks Stephan for your appreciated answers. Just a bit confusing… as some other parts of the Nuki system (why making a difference between App and Web registration; AirBnb integration and more).

Best regards