iOS app CarPlay integration

Product name

Nuki iOS app


If the iPhone is connected to a car navigation system via Apple CarPlay, all notifications should appear on the car’s navigation screen.


Smart notifications such as the away-from-home --> lock door (don’t know the English terms, as I am using the app in German language) or approaching home --> Auto Unlock active should appear on the car’s entertainment system while the iPhone is connected to the car by CarPlay. It should be possible to accept or decline an action (lock door or cancel auto-unlock) by touch on the car’s screen.


Government restrictions do not allow to hold the iPhone in your hand while driving. Furthermore, it would be very comfortable to simply confirm or decline an action on the car navi screen in CarPlay mode.


Sometimes when I’m driving home and come close to my house I want to enter my home through the garage, not the main (Nuki-)door. So it would be great to cancel Auto-Unlock without picking up the phone which is connected to CarPlay.
Locking the door while leaving home would be much more comfortable as well.

Also normal open or unlock would be helpful on the CarPlay display.

Currently this is not possible with Apples CarPlay APIs. What works is to use Siri to lock/unlock a door through HomeKit or ask for the doors state. This won’t change with the upcoming iOS13 CarPlay refresh.

Hmm, ok. Too bad anyway. Siri is an option, yes. But it cannot de-activate the auto-unlock.
Anyhow, maybe it will be possible to provide CarPlay integration in future releases.