iOS app 2023.7.1 ... what is this?

I can’t understand what happened with this version of the iOS app - I have 2 locks (and I WAS) planning buy a 3rd one for my recently purchased countryside home, but, as I said, now I’m reconsidering.

The “Manage my devices” menu item just disappeared. The app now shows just one of my installations (where I live) and a rental apartment just disappeared. I just checked the Nuki Web and found out that the battery is TOO LOW! Luckily (luckily?) I live near the rental home but to my countryside home is a 3 hours drive. Now I need to use Nuki web to manage the others locks?

This version just remove a fundamental function that was the ability of manage in a single app all my locks. Was this Nuki’s intention or a sad failure?

With version 2023.7.1, we have moved the switch between the “Favourites” and “All devices" views from the sidebar menu to the main screen. Now, you can switch between the “Favourites” and “All devices" views by tapping the arrow next to the Nuki logo. Please check if all your devices are displayed when you switch to the “All devices” list. Additionally, you can still manage your devices under the “Sidebar menu/ Add devices” option.

Very well hidden! I was anoyed with that to. You cost me some nerves before my vacation. I thought I had some issue. For such changes I recommend you to implement a whats’s new guide for bigger changes. I do not mind moving it there but just let us know.


Thanks Nuki for putting back the “Manage devices” at the “hamburger menu”.
I can understand improvements - I’m myself an IT specialist and I love to create new stuff but we need to be careful with it.
The last overall update on UI is great! It organised things better.
Thanks again for hearing us.
Confidence restored !