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iOS 14 Widget support


Because, the old widgets (of iOS 13) are placed below the new widgets in Today View. Since I have all new widgets of shortcuts, battery, weather and fantastical (calendar), it is quite anoying to srcoll to the bottom for Nuki Widget.


If possible, I really need a 22 widget which contains all four buttons (Unlock, Lock, Lock ‘n’ Go, Open door). Of course, you can keep the current 24 widget into iOS 14 design.

By the way

I checked the current testflight, it is 2.6.8 (2003), which is older than the App Store version 2.6.8 (2006).

Thanks in advance.

I‘m not sure but I think the sequence is not ‚new‘ widgets and the ‚old‘ widgets.
For me it seems with iOS 14 that the system widgets are always in front of any app widgets. So within the app widgets - always being at the end of the list of widgets - you can define the sequence, but all system widgets are always in front.
So you may request this feature from Apple :wink:


The first statement is correct.

Widgets built with WidgetKit against iOS 14 (nicknamed “new” above) can be placed anywhere within the widget area, whereas widgets from before, built as plain extensions against iOS 13 or lower (nicknamed “old” above) are always displayed at the very bottom at the list.

So it is indeed up to Nuki and their iOS developers to update the app and make a revamped widget so it can be placed at the top :+1:

Hope to have clarified, cheers!

As far as I know (iOS developer myself) there is no way to implement user interaction in the new iOS14 widgets. So the old widget with different buttons is not possible anymore :frowning:

It seems that I can no more edit the post.

I agree with you, hence, the new suggestion could be a 2*2 widget that shows the status of lock (or locks). See the system battery widget.

That’s not completely true.

You can’t build interactive widgets that for e.g. scroll or paginate when clicking on content.

But you can add button like components to the widget and you will get the information which one was clicked when your app gets activated through the widget:

Respond to User Interactions

  • For widgets using systemMedium or systemLarge , add one or more Link controls to your widget’s view hierarchy. You can use both widgetURL and Link controls. If the interaction targets a Link control, the system uses the URL in that control. For interactions anywhere else in the widget, the system uses the URL specified in the widgetURL view modifier.

So it isn’t a problem to update the Nuki widget for iOS 14.

A 2x2 widget can’t have links, but it would most likely only show one Nuki device.
So you don’t need a link to identify which device was clicked.

For a medium size widget, similar to the old one with more devices shown, links can be used and it should be possible to create a widget with the same behavior as the old one.

Oh. Yeah youre right. In fact I already have Widgets on my homescreen with buttons :smiley: Sorry for the confusion. My bad!

Moved to #feature-requests:planned as it is in fact already live with the publich release in the iOS App. :smiley: