iOS 14.6 Beta3 crashes the Nuki App

Hi there,

the new iOS 14.6 beta3 crashes the Nuki App.
The app crashes immediately when I start it. As soon as I unlock the phone, even if I don’t start the app, it crashes. Can you confirm that it does not work at the moment?

Same issue here.
Keeps crashing on iOS 14.6 Beta 3

Our own app had the same issue, it was because of the way we converted the notification token from data to a string to send it back to our API in case that helps…

Yup. Same here. Pretty annoying this one as the popups are coming every time almost if you turn on the screen.

Yes exactly. This is totally annoying. With every unlock comes the annoying popup.
@Nuki Team. When can we expect a solution?

Same for me on 14.5.1.

App unusable.

For me the reason to stop the beta test. It is ok if it takes a couple of days to fix, but there is no feedback on this. Too bad, love to help out.

Hello @jordy1,

sorry for the belated response on this topic.

We are in fact already working on a fix and expecting to release
an updated Beta soon.

We will keep you updated here.

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Hello everybody,

we have just released a new Beta 2.7.10 (10) that should fix the app crash.

As this crash was actually unrelated to iOS 14.6 beta3 can you please confirm it has been fixed for iOS 14.6 beta3 as well?


It’s all good for me on iOS 14.6 Beta 3

Yes. Is fixed. Everything is working fine now.
Thx for your quick work. :+1:

Thank you @jeremy @Thespeedsurfer for the swift response, glad it’s working now. :+1:

no crash on 14.5.1 anymore

One thing I have to note: the widget on the Apple Homescreen is black/grey - I cannot set it to a specific function (like open door) anymore, it only opens the app. I have seen that issue with other releases before.
Even with remove/re-add, or reboot , I can’t fix it.

I noticed another problem yesterday: my lock turned awfully slow, despite the battery status showing 60%.
I am using NiMh batteries form mixed suppliers.
I suspected low batteries and changed to a new recharged pack (again, mixed battery suppliers), then the state turned back to >90% and the lock operates normal.

Can it be that there is an issue with the battery type or state recognition?
Or, which I cannot exclude, I have one bad battery inside the four batteries and this one has a transient problem. But it is a bit strange as the batteries where running well since weeks.

Some more notes:
The battery type is successfully recognized.
The battery test says: many door openings, many BT connection, many door sensor changes, door lock moves a bit tight.
That’s all true, but was not a problem so far

This is usually the problem that leads to what you saw. The weak/half dead battery appears fine when there is no load on it (therefore the battery percentage is estimated at 60%), but when you apply a load (i.e. the motor turns) the battery basically dies off. The Smart Lock does have an algorithm that tries to work even with the “deadiest” batteries and therefore constantly reduces the speed (i.e. the load on the batteries) in order to keep the motor turning and the batteries somehow alive. The result is a very slow motor movement.

Therefore it’s better to not mix up different battery types, ages and capacities and ideally use 4 batteries/accumulators that you bought together.

Thanks Jürgen, I suspect I know which one of the 4 batteries is bad, since my charger shows capacity and some other values. I’ll dump it.