Intelligent time auto unlock

Product name

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NUKI smart lock


Quick summary what this request is about.

Intelligent time auto unlock behavior, setting certain times to lock and unlock the door.


Detailed description of desired features.

Auto unlock should be more intelligent.
For example smart lock time locks at night.
When somebody enters at night and unlocks the door, SL shouldn’t attempt to time unlock the door again in the morning, as the door is already unlocked.


Why is this feature needed?

It saves from hardware wear and saves the battery.


How would you like to use this feature?
List all usecases you can think of!


I am not 100% sure I understand the idea of you suggestion:

If it is already unlocked it can not be unlocked again, so nothing will happen.

When the door lock is already unlocked, the time unlock still tries to unlock the door. Obviously nothing happens but the the motor still engages as i can hear it trying to unlock once more.

Ah, I think I can reproduce this now:

Could it be this only happens when the Smart Lock was unlocked manually?
Bc. time control lock/unlock will always turn the key to the (during calibration) defined unlocked and locked position. This is done to be 100% sure the door is correctly locked/unlocked. And locking manually could end with the lock in exactly that position.

I locked the door via Google assistant (nuki web) around 17:00, but the scheduled time lock at 22:00 took place and the lock motor engaged, anyway.