Integration with superhote (channel manager)

Nuki Web is integrated with Channel Manager, which has its everything connected to Booking. The problem is the following: Since the integration was done, the invitation messages are sent before the date mentioned in the parameters.


Can you give more details on which invite messages are sent based on which settings/calls from your side to our API?


Does this answer your question?

May I ask where this screenshot was taken (as I am not familiar with it)?
An integration into Nuki you use or some self-developed software?

EDIT: The email looks like the default invite email sent by Nuki directly on an authorization creation.


Indeed it is nuki who sends this directly to

Oh, I am not aware of any direct integration of Nuki into Any more information where you activated that would be helpful to find our more about the workflow used here.

Nuki is connected to through my channel manager “superhote”

Does that help you?

I checked with our team and it seems superhote built an integration with Nuki in 2020. But I have no more information on the type and details of the integration done or any direct contact to them. So I will have to forward you to their support. Feel free to refer them back to us if they need help on improving/checking for fixes on the current implementation.

EDIT: I also updated your topic detail to better reflect the topic.

Thank you very much for your efficiency, I will pass all this on to them and I will come back to you as soon as I have their return to inform you.

Hi Stephan,

How are you ?

I’m Mat from SuperHote team (channel manager++)

We are integrated via API with Nuki and we are generating codes using Nuki web api (Swagger UI => this one for users who have nuki keypad, => this one for users who don’t have nuki keypad in order to create a nuki user so nuki can share access by sending email to the guest via nuki)

Is there a way that we get the code of the invitation link generated by Nuki so we can send it to the guests ?


If possible, you can contact me via MP too

Hello, I hope you are doing well. I would like to know if there is any news concerning the integration because the problem persists

Hello, have you been able to progress with my channel manager SUPERHOTE for the nuki integration with booking?

We are trying to get in contact with Superhote.
As soon as there is an update we will post it here.

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Bonjour, je suis nouveau sur la plateforme et j’ai le même problème j’ai mon channel manager SUPERHOTE et je n’arrive pas l’integration nuki avec booking.
je constate qu’il n y a pas eu de retour sur ce sujet je me permets de revenir dessus en cas ou

Please contact our B2B support ( They can have a look at your specific request / problem.