Integration with e-commerce for booking

Hi, we need to develop an e-commerce aimed at booking offices for coworking.
The system will be developed on the WordPress + WooCommerce platform.
The coworking structure consists of:
a) a lock for the main access door to the structure. This lock must simultaneously provide for the generation and management of multiple timed numeric access keys
b) N offices each with its own lock

The customer’s requests are as follows:
a) upon receipt of a reservation, the platform will have to send to your system the duration of the reservation (from 1 to N days) for the lock of the door relating to the specific office
b) your system must:
b1) generate a temporary numeric access key valid for the duration of the reservation for the main lock and send it to our platform (this lock will manage several different keys at the same time to allow all guests to access the structure)
b2) generate a temporary numeric access key valid for the duration of the reservation for the office lock and send it to our platform
c) our platform will send the guest the credentials received for the two doors
d) at the end of the period of stay, your system will disable the two keys

The customer’s choice of your products is closely linked to the feasibility of the specification reported above. The system must be fully automatic without the need for manual intervention.
We are therefore kindly asking you:
a) the technical feasibility of the request as reported
b) any technical compromises with respect to the request reported
c) if integrations of this type already exist for the indicated platform (WordPress + WooCommerce)
d) all possible information for the implementation of what is requested

Especially we ask you if the development requests can all be fulfilled. Especially for the points b1), b2), and c)

Customer service told us to turn to this forum to resolve our concerns

Thanks a lot,

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Hi Alessio,

I am not aware of any existing integrations in WordPress and WooCommerce.
However your use case is well known to us and easily implementable by using our Web API - you can find the detailed documentation here.
One input to your use case: keypad codes that are not valid anymore need to be deleted via the Delete Smart Lock Authorization Endpoint

If you have any questions regarding the integration please reach out to me via PM.



I’m starting to develop a WordPress connector
We can surely speak togther about a solution (I’m an independant developer, owner of a Smartlock Pro 3.0)


Hello @onlime

In case it can help you, here a WordPress WooCommerce Bookings plugins I’m developing: Nuki Smartlock & Keypad for WooCommerce Bookings


Hi all,
I have a website created with WpDevArt booking plugin. i have a nuki smartlock with keypad. i would be looking after a similar solution mentioned here. it would be only limiated to key generation. so if someone bookes on the website, i would like to be able to generate a code and send that to the user who booked. would it be something what you can help me with?