Integration with

Hi, I have tried to do an integration via to test the automation of opening the doors using the smart lock 3.0 via bluetooth. Unfortunately it was not working after connecting using the API. Can someone tell me if this integration is only possible using the Keypad along with the Smart lock where guests can be sent auto generated 6 digit codes similar to the aribnb integration? Or is it possible to do the automation via bluetooth on a mobile phone? I currently have a bunch of Nuki smart locks but I would like to know if it is necessacry to get the number key pads to make the intergration possible.


Hi Lawrence,

for issues with please contact their support.
We offer a direct integration with AirBnB in Nuki Web.

In general a Keypad is not necessary to use our integration. However, it is more convenient as your customers don’t have to download the Nuki App to access your apartments.