Integration with BookingSync problem with Airbnb reservation

We are managing our reservations via Bookingsync (Airbnb,, Abritel, TripAdvisor …)

I connected Nuki web with Bookingsync then.

I had a reservation via Airbnb and the automatic message did not get sent on the Airbnb app, only by email, the client didn’t got it and we had trouble checking him in.

Then to avoid this issue again, I connected (integration) Airbnb on top of Bookingsync on the Nuki Web but this seems to me wrong, by connecting BookingSync, the message should be send on every OTA.
Thanks a lot

Hi Youri,

the automatic message in the AirBnB App is only sent if you connected AirBnB in Nuki Web directly and in the settings please select “AirBnB App and Email” for invitiations to Nuki devices.


Hi Alexander,

Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

The thing is, we manage the property via BookingSync, and wee receive reservations from Airbnb, Booking, Abritel, TripAdvisor …

If I connect Airbnb and BookingSync, 2 different message with different access codes are send to the Airbnb client, by email and by app.

This is wrong, and if I connect only Airbnb and not BookingSync, only the Airbnb client receive invitation codes and all the others nothing.

How can you fix this between BookingSync and Nuki ?

Thank you,

Hi Youri,

Sending the access code messages to the Airbnb app is implemented only with a direct Airbnb and Nuki connection, as after the codes are generated they are sent back directly to Airbnb through our integration.
In your current setup you use BookingSync as an immediate solution to manage your bookings, so BookingSync is connected with your AirBnb and forwards these and your other bookings to Nuki, so in this case BookingSync would have to push back the codes to Airbnb App as there is no direct connection with Nuki.

I think the two different access codes were generated, because your booking was syncronised twice to Nuki. Once after you connected Airbnb and I assume you used BookingSync too in general to manage your Airbnb reservations. So the same booking was forwarded to Nuki again, but through BookingSnyc.

I advise you to connect Airbnb directly to Nuki, without BookingSnyc in between, this way you will receive the access codes for Airbnb only once in the app and in this way you can use Nuki and BookingSnyc for the invitation codes for your other rentals too.