Integrate Opener to m-e Vistus VD-6720 doorbell

Hello everybody,

I just bought the Nuki 2.0 combo + Opener.
Due to the Fakt that my intercom is not officially supported I need your help.
I have a m-e Vistus VD-6720 Video intercom. Attached you can find the wiring diagram and a picture of the inside of the intercom. (Sorry only one picture is allowed for new users so I have to upload them in different posts).
If I see it right, there are 4 wires that are relevant (number 1-4). Since lines 3 and 4 are only relevant for video and audio transmission, I assume that the ringing signal is transmitted via lines 1 and 2. So I have a bus system? Does this mean I connect the opener as described in the manual for bus systems?

Thanks for your help!

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Picture 2 of the wiring diagram


Hey everybody,

I tried to connect it as general bus system but unfortunately it doesn’t work. Attached you can find how I attached it. Can anyone help me?

I think it has something to do with the video and Audio wire… the buzzer only works if I press the video button before. :confused:

When I connect the black wire on ground, the red on +15 and the orange on audio it recognizes the buzzer, but it still is not able to open the door. I also noticed that the audio wire is responsible for opening. If I disconnect the audio wire it doesn’t open the door anymore.

Has really nobody an idea of how to get this working?

Did you try using the opener wires (purble blue) to 40/41? These seems to be the external switch ports.


I’m trying to connect the opener (unsuccessfully so far) with an intercom that seems to have a similar setup with your intercom (+/-/Audio/Video)…

Did you managed to get it working through the generic digital setup? Have you connected any other cables from the opener or if you could maybe share a picture of the final setup?

Thank you!!!