Integración Nuki/Duve

Good afternoon.

Currently we have integrated Nuki with our host application DUVE.
The integration has been correct and now our clients can open from DUVE.
My Doubt is:

They tell us from Duve that Nuki sends him the following information:
***Before your arrival, you must collect the keys.:
Name of the place:
Key collection address:
Opening hours:
Key box code: undefined
Building entry code: ***

We would like to know how to eliminate this information or at least be able to modify it, since all the values ​​are left blank. In addition, there is data such as Key box code: or Building entrance code: that would not be valid since it is accessed by pressing the button directly.

I would also like to ask you if you can see the information sent by DUVE, for example: The opening permit of a client, time in which you have access…

I await your response.

Thank you very much in advance and greetings


Thanks for writing.
Duve has integrated with the Nuki Web API to access customers’ Smart Locks.
They have implemented it in their custom way.
This is not the standard invite email sent by Nuki, and Duve is populating it, thus request you to check with them as of why the fields populated are empty.