Installation Opener in digital telephone 3 wires Fermax

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I recently bought the opener and I have a Fermax 2451 digital telephone with 3 wires and I wanted to know where I should connect the 7 wires of the opener system.

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Hi Michel,
your intercom is a BUS based system and will soon be added to our database. In the meantime you can try the following: Connect your Nuki Opener as described here: Howto connect the Nuki Opener to unknown intercom systems
Screw-terminal ‘L’ corresponds to BUS+, screw-terminal ‘-’ corresponds to BUS-
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Good afternoon

In the app configuration I have selected Generic and generic bus …

I have tried to connect the red of the opener to the L that you told me is the positive, and the black of the opener to the black of the intercom and does not work either.

It seems that if it detects the opening press and the call of the bell, but then does not open in the call nor by the app.

If you could graphically send me the wiring configuration and I can send you a photo of each configuration so you could help me I would appreciate it.

Thank you

Good morning, I have located the connection instructions in case it helps you. Thank you

Hello George

How is the solution going to my Fermax 2451?

Thank you

In my VDS Fermax 3311 don’t open the door too. Something is wrong with It. When Opener tries to open, It sounds a click on the interphone but nothing happens.

In my system, there is a voice to advise when open the door but when Opener is connected this voice doesnt appears. It could be normal with Opener, i don’t know.

Any news for Fermax VDS?. Thank you.

I am sorry for the inconvenience, but I have to decide whether to return the product and refund and i need to know if there is hope that it is compatible with Fermax VDS.

Thank you.

VDS is still under investigation. There will be more news on those models by the end of next week.
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Update on VDS systems: from a techical point of view, the system is compatible, but we have to implement an intercom profile for VDS systems. As soon as this is completed, VDS will be added to our database of compatible systems. I estimate a completion period of 2 weeks.

Good news!. Thank you very much for your help.

perfect, thank you very much

I have the same issue.
Opener tries to open, It sounds a click on the interphone but nothing happens.

Here is my connection.
Ferrmax 3390 Bus system 3 wires (kabeln)


Hi there

will it support the iloft vds?

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Soon… The team is working on this bus.

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thanks, hopefully the lift control works too

Still nothing?

A la espera estamos todo, indicaron 2 semanas


Let’s hope to have news inside this week