Initial Web API Webhooks documentation v. 1.0

We are happy to announce that our Web API webhooks, which have long been in several stages of closed Beta are now available for all users after applying for Advanced API integration.

Web API Webhook documentation V1.0


Nuki makes it possible to integrate the Nuki infrastructure to any third party integrator. This empowers any company to implement their business needs in companionship with Nuki devices. To asynchronously inform about any device change in a timely manner Nuki supports webhooks. To create an integration the following prerequisites have to be fulfilled:

  • Nuki users have connected their Nuki devices to Nuki servers via a Nuki Bridge
  • Nuki users have a Nuki Web account
  • The 3rd party integrator has applied for a Nuki Advanced API access and Nuki has activated the Nuki Advanced API

An integrator has to choose between two workflows:

  • Central webhooks: Nuki posts webhooks to one distinct URL
  • Decentral webhooks: Nuki posts webhooks to several different URLs

There are also two different kind of webhooks regarding the triggering entity:

  • Device-triggered webhooks: A webhook created by the Nuki device itself, e.g.: lock action via - smartphone app, updated config due to a sync, etc.
  • API-triggered webhooks: A webhook as response from an Nuki Advanced API endpoint
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